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7 months ago Pinned BxbyAndy

Thank you for purchasing my vid ;) hope it was worth it stud

hoodedsubslave hoodedsubslave 7 months ago

I did enjoy the video. There's only one thing better that watching an anal orgasm video and that is having one myself! So I'm trying to learn more about them....

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1 year ago Pinned swisspissboy

Fuck yeah buddy, wanna be used from horny verbal dirty talking MASTERS in a public restroom the whole day together with you …..

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hoodedsubslave hoodedsubslave 6 months ago

Public bathroom sex is the perfect place for a fa99ot to service cock. In fact, that's where I first starting sucking dick in college! Lots of dick!

swisspissboy swisspissboy 1 year ago

Would be so hot and amazing join and share that filthy sessions with you :-) Two horny subs get breed together :-)))))

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1 year ago Pinned uclajock2

Fucking love using a hooded fa-g-g-ot. Keep posting vids, you have some good ones fa-g-g-ot.

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hoodedsubslave hoodedsubslave 6 months ago

More hooded solo dildo porn to come soon @uclajock2. I have to admit, though, with all the cocksucking, asslicking and piss , that hood just reeks of alpha masculinity and it will NEVER get washed.

hoodedsubslave hoodedsubslave 1 year ago

Thanks uclajock2. Ideally, I should post videos of ME hooded and doing hooded fa99ot things. I'm working on it. It's not for lack of opportunity. The opportunity happens four or five times a week. The is to get video with the consent of the str8, married guys I serve as fa99ot. Cuz this week has produced some very "xtube" verbal blowjobs from these guys.

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1 year ago Pinned love2show30

hey there.. thanks for favoriting my vids! glad you enjoyed them!;)

hoodedsubslave hoodedsubslave 1 year ago

My pleasure. You know how we NYers stick together and always have each other's best interests at heart -- except when there's a vacant subway seat or affordable apartment around. Then it's "fuck you and get outta my way before I call the cops!" But seriously, I gotta hand it to you, putting yourself out there is these hot videos. They're so hot and edgy. Maybe I can be an extra in one someday!

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2 years ago Pinned bulgeXXL

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