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Male, Amateur

About TheBlackpoolPlayroom

Dom Top Lad in Blackpool, UK. I am 33, more gay, but can be bi. I have a Playroom in Blackpool, UK. I use bottoms/Subs daily and take pics and short videos. As you can see with the playroom its well equipped and expanding every week. **Looking for remote slaves to complete weekly tasks, message me** I will upload videos each day and also any sets of photos if they are good. If you have any requests of thing you would like to see in the playroom let me know. Chatting: I will always reply to messages in as much detail as possible. If I am on-line and you want a dirty chat, go for it. Donations: Thank you for your donations, please make sure you tell me what you like me to buy or put your donation towards, ie Restraint/Dildo/Boots etc. I can then send you a picture of it and it...

  • Name: TheBlackpoolPlayroom
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 36
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Sex Preference: Bi-Sexual
  • Last Online: 1 hour ago

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